Monday, October 5, 2009

Where it all began!

As I was hunting through my old photos of previous cupcake adventures I came across some photos of me and my friend Esme in New York (the home of the mighty cupcake)a few years ago. While there we went to the famous Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker street. Oh my god! It was cake heaven. Not only were the cupcakes amazing and delicious but they were the size of my head. What I love about Magnolia Bakery is that was a real bakery it was not trying to be fancy coffee shop. It was simply selling mind blowing cakes.

The bakery in all its gloryThe cupcakes may not have the most technically amazing frosting but when its sky high and tasty what more could you want.


Amity said...

Oh goodness, what a cool place! Will have to visit one day.

By the way, did you watch FlashForward last night? There was a character called Didi who owned a cupcake shop called Didilicious Cupcakes!!!!!!

Didi said...

Oh my goodnes! there must be a scriptwriter stalking me. Thank god i was not thinking of using that name for my potential cake shop or i would be mighty weirded out.