Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Quest

The quest to find tinned pumpkin continues. I was oh so hopeful at the beginning but now I am starting to lose the will to live. I searched the Internet high and low but could not find any in stock (or under £5) I was correctly informed that Waitrose stocks it and on their website you can order it but they do not deliver to my area. There is still hope if I can get it delivered to a friends house. Having failed to find it in any of my local Waitroses I ventured further a field (this really is becoming an obsession) I was in town today anyway so went to the Edgware Road Waitrose but can you believe it nope the do not stock it. My final attempt to find the what is now my personal holy grail took me to Selfridges. After getting distracted by Halloween cutters (I got a pumpkin shaped one and I'm off to bake some as soon as posted this so expected pumpkin cookie pics soon) I found my way to the food hall and to the American food shelf. I hunted high and low and eventually asked a member of staff only to discover that they only stock for Halloween and Thanksgiving. So not all hope is lots as at least Selfridges will stock it in a few weeks but price is unknown. The trip was not a complete waste of time. I did pick up some Lola's Kitchen mini cupcakes (I have yet to eat them), a Halloween cupcake mix pack, Halloween cupcake cases and a Women's weekly Christmas treats cookbook. The excitement continued when I got home to a Amazon parcel of The Primrose Bakery cookbook and Tips for Better Baking to help solve all my baking problems, not that I have any of course ;) A lot of new things to try and play with. I am a happy bunny for now x


Clarajean said...

They have tinned pumpkin in Chiswick!

Clarajean said...

I think you can get it in know the Greek grocers near Tootsies?