Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cake No.2

I have been a little slack on updating the blog but not on the cake mission. I have finished my second large cake project, a two tier modern wedding cake. Now that I have finally worked out how to get photos off my phone I can put up all the cake photos I have been taking. The cake has a casade of flowers on the side. I thought after the last cake I would never make another sugar flower again but I quite enjoyed it this time round. I was a must faster process (apart from trying to decide on the colours to use, much harder than you think). To finish the course off we are making cupcakes and roses which I am really pleased about.

To get my cupcake fill I made Oreo cupcakes which were amazing. Oreos in the cake, Oreos in the icing and Oreos on top. Heaven!!
I was aiming for this.

but ended up with this!

The girls cakes all looking amazing. 

This week project - cupcakes with bows.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cocktails & Cakes

Heaven. What more do I need to say?! It was a night filled with some of the things I love cupcakes, cocktails & friends. It was a good night and I learnt I can make a mean cosmopolitan. I crazly made over 50 cupcakes on the cocktail theme. I made a B52 cake with amazing B52 frosting, cosmopolitan, whisky sour with lemon frosting, mojito which not as successful as I would have liked, it needed more lime. I also sneaked in a batch of chocolate and mint as a trial for the next Iron cupcake. All the cakes went down well, at least I hope they did. I was left with some the morning after along with a lot of nearly empty bottles of random booze. Cakes the morning after and a cup of coffee does wonders for a slight headache. I'm not sure what the next event will be. I am beginning the next cake decoration course on Wednesday so not sure how much time I will have for organising over the top cake themed nights.

Very Late Valentine's Post

Well as usual I spend Valentine's Day alone and happy. I wanted to share some love with my friends so I made some cupcakes. Oh what a surprise!! I made rosewater cakes with sugarpaste hearts and gliter to had that special touch. I did have a slight hicup in that I do not own one heart cutter. I'm not sure how this occured but somehow I have gone through life without a heart shape cookie cutter. I ventured out of my house to the local cook shop to buy supplies for the next cake decorating course which starts on Wednesday 24th (I am feeling very joyful about this) and to of course to fill the huge hear shaped gap in my cookie cutter collection. What I had failed to remember was that it was Valentine's Day and what does everybody buy on the spectacular heart filled day but heart shape cookie cutters. So I returned home heart less and saddened.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have cake sweats

I'm so sad I did not win the Iron cupcake competition :( I did not seriously think I was going to win but next time!!! It was sooo much fun and so much cake. I few of my friends turned up to support me which was amazing (I also think that the idea of eat as much cake as you like may have drawn them in) I nearly didn't enter when I arrived as the standard of entries was totally out of this world (I'm talking I have no job/life type of cakes) but I did enter and I'm glad I did. I was the only person to make a beetroot cake which I suppose is in my favour. There were so many people there and it was a bit of fight to get the cakes. We loaded up our plates and set off to taste all the wonderful pieces of artwork. I think we ate at least 10 cupcakes, could be more like 20!
Check out the site all the cakes are pictured, even mine (it is the last one in the amateur section)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

'Err beetroot' said the barman

Tasting session was a success!! Everyone seemed to like the cakes and had a good time. I was very pleased with the turn out and a big thanks to all that came and ate cake. It is hard job I ask of my friends but they do it so well. I did recieve some initial doubt about the flavouring of the cake. Beetroot is infact a very yummy flavour for a cake. It not only adds an earthy flavour but also turns the mix pink, which is alwasy a good thing in my book. I returned home with no cakes left so it was a good night all round. My lovely helpers provided me with lots of usuful comments and ideas. I know feel confident to make a mighy cake for the Iron Cupcake competition on monday. Well I did feel confident till I baked the cakes today and they are not as good as the ones I did for the pub. BOO HOO! sadly I am too lazy to bake another 24 cakes so I will ice them with magic frosting and hope for the best. I have tasted the batch and they are yummy but just not perfect!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to reality and on with the challenge

I have returned after a very cakie Christmas. I am back at work and so time for baking is horribly restricted. I have found time this weekend to do a trial bake of a new recipe. In honour of the new invention I am holding a tasting session at the local for friends. I am hoping they go down well as I have made 18 cupcake and that is too many to eat even for me. To decorate the cakes I have been attempting make rose buds out of flowerpaste and so far I am not having  much luck. I have made a few a they were pretty awful in my eyes. I will have to try again next weekend.