Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lola's Mini Cupcakes

During my quest to find the tinned pumpkin I ventured into Selfridges and of course could not stop myself from sampling some cupcakes that they sell. I bought four mini cupcakes from Lola's Kitchen. I love the size of them as it means you can eat a few and not feel too bad or sick. I selected four of their signature falvours - peanut, Oreo, coconut and chocolate. The decoration of all the cakes was great and I espically loved the ediable glitter on the chocolate one. I shall be putting in an order for some to jazz up my own cakes. The Peanut cake was a really nice flavour but the cake was a bit on the dry side for me. I really liked the coconut flavour. It is not something I would normally go for but it had great subtle flavours. Before consuming the cakes (which my family helped me with) I took some photos, combining my love for photography and cupcakes. I am still learning to use my camera so hopefully the photos will improve as the cakes do.

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