Saturday, January 30, 2010

'Err beetroot' said the barman

Tasting session was a success!! Everyone seemed to like the cakes and had a good time. I was very pleased with the turn out and a big thanks to all that came and ate cake. It is hard job I ask of my friends but they do it so well. I did recieve some initial doubt about the flavouring of the cake. Beetroot is infact a very yummy flavour for a cake. It not only adds an earthy flavour but also turns the mix pink, which is alwasy a good thing in my book. I returned home with no cakes left so it was a good night all round. My lovely helpers provided me with lots of usuful comments and ideas. I know feel confident to make a mighy cake for the Iron Cupcake competition on monday. Well I did feel confident till I baked the cakes today and they are not as good as the ones I did for the pub. BOO HOO! sadly I am too lazy to bake another 24 cakes so I will ice them with magic frosting and hope for the best. I have tasted the batch and they are yummy but just not perfect!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to reality and on with the challenge

I have returned after a very cakie Christmas. I am back at work and so time for baking is horribly restricted. I have found time this weekend to do a trial bake of a new recipe. In honour of the new invention I am holding a tasting session at the local for friends. I am hoping they go down well as I have made 18 cupcake and that is too many to eat even for me. To decorate the cakes I have been attempting make rose buds out of flowerpaste and so far I am not having  much luck. I have made a few a they were pretty awful in my eyes. I will have to try again next weekend.