Friday, October 30, 2009

I can't believe im actually looking forward to Monday

It is a very sad thought but I can't wait for Monday. I will be starting my cake decoration and sugarcraft course. I got my list of things to bring today and so I am off to the shops in the morning to get my last minute items, one of which is an apron. I was hoping to take a home made one but it has as yet not appeared. Mum does have two days to magic one up!

It has been a slow week on the baking front. I have managed to pull together a very easy and tasty peacan pie. It was sooo good I had to give most of it away so I didn't eat it all. I also made Halloween cupcakes (from a pack. Terrible I know!!) I had only made a mini batch as I have been banned from making cakes at home (they like them a little too much) I left the best batch in my new carry box by the door, to remind me to take them to Amity's new flat. Well while I was getting my stuff together my brother came and left with the best batch thinking they were for him!! Why oh why would he think they were for him? After much swearing I took Amity the crap cakes, they were sub standard in look but not taste. This is why I have no photos for the cakes. They were snatched from hands before their time.


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Amity said...

Ooohhh but they were SO GOOD. I ate the leftovers within 24 hours. :)

Nevertheless I am putting a curse on your brother.