Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have cake sweats

I'm so sad I did not win the Iron cupcake competition :( I did not seriously think I was going to win but next time!!! It was sooo much fun and so much cake. I few of my friends turned up to support me which was amazing (I also think that the idea of eat as much cake as you like may have drawn them in) I nearly didn't enter when I arrived as the standard of entries was totally out of this world (I'm talking I have no job/life type of cakes) but I did enter and I'm glad I did. I was the only person to make a beetroot cake which I suppose is in my favour. There were so many people there and it was a bit of fight to get the cakes. We loaded up our plates and set off to taste all the wonderful pieces of artwork. I think we ate at least 10 cupcakes, could be more like 20!
Check out the site all the cakes are pictured, even mine (it is the last one in the amateur section)

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The Caked Crusader said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Loved your beetroot cake - it had such a rich, deep flavour!