Monday, February 22, 2010

Very Late Valentine's Post

Well as usual I spend Valentine's Day alone and happy. I wanted to share some love with my friends so I made some cupcakes. Oh what a surprise!! I made rosewater cakes with sugarpaste hearts and gliter to had that special touch. I did have a slight hicup in that I do not own one heart cutter. I'm not sure how this occured but somehow I have gone through life without a heart shape cookie cutter. I ventured out of my house to the local cook shop to buy supplies for the next cake decorating course which starts on Wednesday 24th (I am feeling very joyful about this) and to of course to fill the huge hear shaped gap in my cookie cutter collection. What I had failed to remember was that it was Valentine's Day and what does everybody buy on the spectacular heart filled day but heart shape cookie cutters. So I returned home heart less and saddened.

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