Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Ho Ho Ho

I have been getting in to the Christmas spirit this week by making Chocolate Christmas fruit cakes. I have made 9 mini cakes (baked 1 at a time as I only have 1 4" tin) I am planning to give them to friends and family as little gifts. After a very long day of baking I covered the boards and got down to the hard stuff of covering the cakes in marzipan and sugarpaste (I find it very tricky to get them on with no creases or lumps and bumps) by the 8th one I think I was a little better at doing this. I have decorated 5 of them so far. I am keeping the decoration simple with just flat reindeers and stars. To jazz them up I have dusted them with silver disco glitter. I like what I have done so far but feel I can come up with a better design. I have a few left to do so I may change the design for these. 
I will sleep on it and see what happens in the morning.

 How much mess can one make while decorating a cake?!

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