Friday, December 11, 2009

20 flowers and counting

Well what a few weeks I've had!! I was horribly ill with chest and sinus infection and just as that had finally cleared up I pulled a muscle in my back. So due to my body falling apart I have not been hot on the blogging but fear not I am back (even if my shoulders are different heights). I have still been going to the cake decorating class despite the feeling of death. My cake is still not finished and still hat like. For the last few weeks we have been making the decorations for the cake. I have mad a trug (wooden open basket), 20 flowers which are now taped and half are dusted with colour. I am in the process of making the leaves for the finishing touch. I have finished the piping of the icing round the join of the cake and board and on the painted tree. I have to say that I do not love making the flowers. We were supposed to make 25 ish but I got so bored I gave up at 20. I will attempt to make some more before the last class on monday. I like dusting the colours onto the flowers and fear that I may start an expensive collection of dusting powders. 

Flowers Dusted with colour.

I have really enjoyed doing the course and have learnt so much. I am hopefully going to use all the new skills I have learnt in the making of Christmas cakes for my family and friends (final ideas and design has yet to be decided). The good news is that there is a level 2 course (or moving on from beginners as the centre calls it) which I have booked myself onto. On the course we will making a two tier modern wedding cake which sounds very exciting. 

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Amity said...

oh my god, I love the flowers sooo much! Are they edible?