Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hoxton, Cake and Dogs

Last night I went to the Queen of Hoxton bar for a vintage and craft fair with my good friend Amity. I of course brought cakes as a gift. So here we are posing with the cupcakes. They are mint choc with double choc frosting. I have done this flavour a cake a few times and it is a favourite of mine and many of my friends. I am still having problems with the cake sinking. It doesn't make any difference to the cake itself only they don't look as nice. I have been told that the cake sinks because they have not been cooked long enough but I do not think this right. I have tried to cook them longer but the top burns. Hmmmm it's a real mystery and I will find the answer even if I have bake a thousand cakes.

Continuing on my quest of mighty fine cakes and tips for my own, I went to the Chiswick House Dog Show. Stay with me, all a bit random but I thought this might be the place to find cake stalls and I was right. Outsider Tart there showing their amazing cookies and brownies. Not strictly cakes I know but I feel all baking goods should be explored. It would be rude to exclude such amazing brownies. I sampled their Blondie brownie and it was heaven. I have had been very lucky to have eaten many of their brownies in the last few weeks. They are very rich and a major sugar rush. I have to say I do prefer my brownies a little more chewie.


Amity said...

Those brownies sound delish!

I'm with you though, they definitely should have a good amount of chewiness to them.

What makes them blonde? White choc?


Didi said...

I there def was white cho chunks in the brownie but im not sure how they make the base blonde. I will investigate and of course make some xx